About Me

I am a high school mathematics teacher who’s taught primarily in the northwest corner of Toronto. Starting in September 2020, I will serve as the Coordinator of Secondary Mathematics and Academic Pathways in the Toronto District School Board. My role will be to support the school system with challenging academic streaming from K-12, paying particular attention to inclusive and culturally responsive mathematics instruction. I view math education through the perspective of equity, inclusion and anti-oppression and its intersection with student identities. As a powerful tool and vehicle for social change, I see math as student empowerment and ensure they see its learning as a social enterprise that challenges them to think critically and collaboratively.

I am also a staunch advocate for the elimination of streaming in education — that is, the separation of students into distinct learning pathways based on students’ perceived abilities and identities. I have worked at the school and system levels to support teachers with inclusive math practices and shape policy to remove streaming as a structure barrier to equity and inclusion. I also work with the Coalition for Alternatives to Streaming in Education, or CASE, a grassroots alliance of community groups wanting to see changes to streaming structures in the school system.

When I need to step away from the world of education, I play NHL94 for the Super Nintendo, where I compete online and ranked in the top 5 on Earth in this game (yes, my proficiency in a 25+ year-old video game is an integral part of my identity). My family and friends fit in there somewhere too.

Connect with me on Twitter: @Jason_To

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